Specialist Conveyancing Solicitors For You At An Affordable Price

We are a panel of Conveyancing Solicitors and Property Lawyers. All our solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) with CQS accreditation or recognised by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC). With Headquarters in Mayfair, we operate across England and Wales.

Unlike most solicitor firms you find via price comparison sites, we carry out regular rigorous quality and compliance checks on our solicitors to ensure our customers receive the highest levels of service.

Our quotes are competitively priced to accommodate both value-for-money and quality. We offer a unique service where our clients require speed and level of service over cost.

Why Express Conveyancing?

At Express Conveyancing, we specialise in one thing; Conveyancing. Our Panel of specialist Conveyancers and Solicitors will work with you from day one to ensure your conveyancing transaction progresses seamlessly from instruction to completion. Our  transactions complete on average in 4 weeks* and our Specialist Conveyancing Solicitors act regularly on Residential, Commercial, Auction and Bridging Transactions.

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[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-book” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-lg” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”Specialist Conveyancing Solicitors ” title_tag=”h5″ separator=”no” text=”Trusted by hundreds of clients each year to look after one of their biggest investments.”]
[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-user” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-lg” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”Experts in Property Law” title_tag=”h5″ separator=”no” text=”Our Conveyancing Solicitors deal with all aspects of property law from New Build, Off Plan (investor based) to First Time Buyers.”]
[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-hourglass-end” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-lg” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”4 Week Completion” title_tag=”h5″ separator=”no” text=”98%* of our transactions complete on average in 28 days thanks to our modern approach on Conveyancing.”]
[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-handshake-o” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-lg” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”Fully Transparent on Fees” title_tag=”h5″ separator=”no” text=”We are fully transparent on fees. This might mean that we may ‘appear’ more expensive than our competitors but we do not have ‘hidden extra fees’.”]
[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-search-plus” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-lg” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”Free Search Pledge” title_tag=”h5″ separator=”no” text=”Should your purchase fall through, our free search insurance will cover a second set of searches for free.”]
[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-clock-o” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-lg” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”24/7 Case Manager” title_tag=”h5″ separator=”no” text=”Gives you an up to date, real time progress report of your transaction plus the ability to upload all documents directly on to our external portal.”]


Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring the ownership of a property, be it you are selling or buying a property. Our expert Conveyancing Solicitors can act quickly, giving you the best chance of exchanging and completing in the shortest time possible.

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Are you considering enfranchisement? Our Solicitors can assist you negotiate and finalise your lease extension be it you are looking to improve the marketability of your property or this being a requisite of your property sale.
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Commercial Conveyancing

If you are in the process of buying, selling or even leasing a commercial property, then you need a commercial conveyancing solicitor who can offer straightforward, high quality legal advice.

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Buying or selling at Auction? Our Express service would be ideal for you. Be it a Pre-Auction Title check or Post-Auction formalities you require, our solicitors are here to assist.

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What our clients say

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